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Examples of My Work

I've been in the industry for over 25 years (honestly, I just stopped counting at 25) and yet, the single most troublesome element of seeking new employment has always been the need to present examples of my work. It's not because there aren't any out there. Rather, it's because most of my work has been under non-disclosure agreements with the companies that I did that work for or it's hopelessly out of date.

So, I've gone about creating a body of work that's specifically for demonstrating what I do and how I do it.


The best example across categories is poefixer. This is a sample library for consuming, digesting and performing some primitive reporting on the API for economic data in the Path of Exile ARPG video game. Why is this relevant? Because the economic data is a constant stream of fairly high volume that presents an extremely undigested and non-analysis friendly view of the information that users actually want. This is fairly typical in my experience, and so seeing how I attack this problem is probably more informative than any 10 minute description of what I do.
This work was mostly in Python 3, MySQL and sundry support bits in shell and Perl.

Perl 6

My work on the Perl 6 language isn't really ongoing at this point, but I used to be heavily involved in its design and later development. On the documentation site, you can see one of my examples for a sense of why I enjoyed (and might in the future) using the language:
I've also written a few modules, one of which is of more than trivial interest: