Lord of Ultima Blog Series on AJSGaming

[Sad to say, Lord of Ultima is shutting down, May 2014. I'll leave this here anyway as a record of time spent... -Aaron AKA Harmil]

Here are the articles that have already been written, and those that are planned:

As each new article is published, we'll be placing the links to them here, but of course, you can always just visit Aaron's Gaming Blogand see what's new!

Lord of Ultima is a browser-based, Massively Multiplayer, Online, Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) game. Like most RTS games, the goal is to build resourcees, use those resources to build increasingly costly infrastructure and then attack enemies. The game is free to play, and AJSGaming has been working on a guide for those who are just learning the game, or who are looking for a more in-depth tutorial than the one the game walks you through.

A Lord of Ultima city

An example LoU city